Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Morgens, halb neun in Berlin: Medizinstudium in der U9

Die Kindergartengruppe, die den Wagon in Beschlag genommen hat, macht lauten Radau.
Das Mädchen mir gegenüber, sie hat eine rosa Wollmütze auf und Sommersprossen im Gesicht, unterhält sich mit ihren Freundinnen übers Kinderkriegen.

"Meine Oma hat sechs Kinder." (kleine Denkpause) " ... Sie müsste eigentlich tot sein!"

Wieder was gelernt.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hi, dears, I'm back on the air, sitting in the heart warming comfiness of my own humble abode and internetting away on my OWN recently pimped PC.
Also I can finally post pictures again. Like this one for example, which I took last weekend while enjoying the sun and reading about beliefs of fairy origin and the origins of fairy beliefs. I belief this is a fallen fairy angel:

Forget Florida, this is Treptow Spring Burn:

Gee, it's good to be back!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tagged is when:

a) you take a post-it note and attach it to your forehaead by means of driving a nail through your skull.
(At least that's what it sounds like.)

b) you die and the morgue people hang a wee note with your personal details from your left big toe.
(At least that's what I thought.)

As it turns out, both is wrong.
Tagged is when you absent mindedly press one button and an internet forum sends invites to everybody in your adress book. And I mean EVERYBODY, including professors, parents, long forgotten people and myself.

So, to all who read this:
Sorry for the harassment, but nice to hear from you.
Cheerie and OH!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Things are moving

and so am I.

Well, these last months have been quite a bumpy ride, I can tell yees. But change is good! Embrace the pain, I tell myself. Bruises from riding over the cobblestones of life are nothing to be scared of...they build character, as Calvins dad would point out.

First of all, I am now, dear readers, going the right way to become a computer nerd, yes, siree! I'm demystifying that bugger of a PC with courage and a set of screwdrivers, pressing buttons, opening coverings, connecting and disconnecting things and generally step by step losing all my respect for a thing I can reduce to a pile of wire and green metal if only I choose to do so. Also, I, me personally changed my stoopid old cd rom drive for a new and sparkling dvd one. Slot In, baby! A generous donation by Mr Fanolke Renkor, I bow my head! And you might not believe it, after I had won my bloody battle against the screws (arrrrrgh!), it even ...didn't work. But I found out what was wrong and then I (prepare for unbelieving gazes) ... fixed it! Yes! Me! Ha! and HA! Take thou that, devislish machine!

Moreover, I will soon be onlliiine again, as Alice has just sent me a splitter and modem which will take up work at some point next month. Nae more going to the library, listening to students groan violenty over their papers and dissertations. I can have that at my place. Homemade and without having to endure the daily freakshow in the train first.
Yes, soon I will be back on da aeir, ladies and gents.
And there's more.

If things work out the way I sincerely hope, I might be leaving the Land Of Dogdroppings for good very soon. God knows four years of Neukölln is more that anyone can bear. Exept for Suse, it seems, but we all know she's a toughie!

I'll keep you posted on the progress, and soon I will be burying you in pictures and pointless anecdotes of my rollercoaster ride of a life again! Be prepared and: rest assured...