Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good Things In Life des Tages, Kapitel IV

Finding awareness

about who to play with and who not, about big people taking care of little people, about what's important, who to hang on to and who to let go and about the irreplacableness of a good cry in the cosy warmth of a friend's kitchen combined with orange flavoured tea... come on, life, you bitch! Do your worst!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Most giantest sneeze in the whole fucking universe

Thing with life is that it always gets you unawares.
Last weekend I was paying a visit to my pregnant friend Jenny and her boyfr... I'm sorry ... husband (oh my GOD!!!) Christian in Halleannersaale. We were all sitting in the kitchen and they were deep in conversation about ... magic potions? griffin rides? buying a new sword I cannae remember. I wasn't really listening for a moment, enclosed in my own little world and thinking lightly about ... what the flying FUCK I wanna do in my life, when all of a sudden, the answer presented itself. It wasn't just a bright idea or a, what we call in German, Geistesblitz, I was having a copper bottom, 24 carat


I've been thinking about where to go and what to do in life for at least the eight years of my very quite rather unsuccessful studying around, never getting anywhere much, apart from, OK, so I'm gonna be a teacher, yeah, I can do that. But the one thing that would be my call in life, the ONE thing I really really wanted to do just wouldn't come to mind, as much and as hard as I ever thought about it. It was just like waiting for a sneeze that won't come out properly, you can feel it scavaging around in yer nose, you want it, you need it but naught will happen, leaving you empty and stupid-faced and then, all of a sudden and without previous anouncement: BAM!!! ... HATCHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! there goes half your brain and oh, doesn't it just feel amazing, a precious little nose-orgasm!

The best thing is: it doesn't even matter what this epiphany WAS, the only thing of any import is that it was THERE, because that's what matters when it comes to epiphanies: they just have to be there. The rest will sort itself out.

So just like after one of those wonderfully liberating sneezes, I will indulge the warm and satisfied feeling of its aftermath and when the contendedness subsides, think about the epiphany and how to form and shape it and ... maybe wait in case there's another one where that came from...

(wer drei mal niest, is doof)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Good Things In Life des Tages, Kapitel III

One Night of Epic Rock

Komplett mit zu viel Wein trinken, Volume auf "viel zu laut" und dann von Meat Loaf über Metallica bis hin zu Elvis (bidde!) ordentlich inbrünstig in die Fernbedienung gesungen bis nachts um drei! Rockenrohl, Aller!!