Saturday, September 13, 2008

My friend Destiny and I

...have not been on speaking terms lately. I felt neglected. I know she has a lot of people to take care of, but I really felt left aside. She hadn't swung her sledgehammer for me in such a long time.
It must have dawned on her that she wasn't behaving all that considerate, so she exchanged her hammer for a bouquet of flowers and slapped me right across the face with it when I was least expecting it (because that is always when these things happen).
And all of a sudden I find myself dancing throught the city streets, my silky hair shining like a prize winning show cow's and smelling of wild berries. The sun is shining, I'm singing old Jennifer Rush songs (don't ask), checking my mail every ten seconds and spend a whole morning combing the city for Ocean Spray and Miss Europa Disco Dancer. My place is neat and tidy for the first time in weeks and I can't remember when last I had so much spare energy!
Sometimes it only takes a little to get you back on track. Like a bouquet of flowers across your face.

Friday, September 12, 2008

No brain, no pain...

In Maischberger's talkshow, Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (dammit, 300 years ago in France, she would have been decapitated for that name alone), who for some reason that is absolutely unknown to me seems to be of some kind of interest for German TV, recently proclaimed that she saw the conteraceptive pill as a form of abortion.

She also believes that condoms are not even the appropriate means against AIDS, in her opinion, "to prevent AIDS is to shag less". She advises her daughter not to take the pill and prefers those mothers with kids from ten different fathers to women who are childless due to abortion.

Wow. And I thought it was 2008. Unbelievable that a couple of hundred years ago, these people would have had the power to actually inforce their screwed ideas on normal people like us, people who might not have been born with Princess as their first name.

Dear Princess,
please do me a favour and take a stroll around, let's say, Marzahn, where girls are triple and quadruple mothers by the age of 20 and where of the four fathers, NONE is anywhere in sight. Where girls don't have any other kind of education than being teenage moms, living with their 30 year old mother and are highly likely to not produce anything but more teenage moms without jobs.
Oh, and, please, have that AIDS reference translated into Kiswahili, will you?!

Would it also count as abortion if somebody pushed her off a roof?
I wish her parents had used contraception 49 years ago. Well, they must have taken something at the time, as their daughter was obviously born without brains.

Oh, and by the way, my friend Sarah has been working on a project for World Contraception Day and they have produced a couple of funny clips you should check out:

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