Monday, October 31, 2005

The sun is always shining, we just live for fun...

Hier wohn ich.

Scheiss Ausblick, aber die Sonne scheint immer.

Gleiches Fenster, kleiner Schwenk, der gleiche Ausblick nur in geil.

The aulde toon

Dazu nur ein vertraeumt dahingesaeuseltes: Yeah - man...!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

That's it...

...I must be positively completely and irrevocably insane.
I went to bed at about four o'clock this morning, after coming back from Emma's and leaving Pav in the kitchen armchair to fall alseep there. (It must have looked really awkward, the boy is about two metres tall.) Anyways, this morning at nine I got a phonecall from a very excited Rach, screaming on the other end "I found them, it's on, it's on! On saturdays at nine and again at ten, I found them, aahahahahahahaaa!!" I'slikewhaaaaaaad? and it took some time for my tortured brain to understand that Rach had finally achieved to find the Gilmore Girls on tele, a task we had appointed for her about a week ago when it was clear that she would have cable TV. Before I even processed this information, I heard myself say "I'll be right there." ... my place - her place...half an hour walk...which I had to do as I had forgottenmyridacardOFCOURSE! So I kinda sleepwalked to Leith Walk (hey das reimt sich), only to, on crossing the threshold, be given the news "...oh, it's actually the old season."
I don't need to say we watched it anyway.
So I had an early morning breakfast on over-sugared tea and McVitties milk chocolate digestives. And that's how all my saturday mornings will look as long as there's cable tv in 76 Brunswick Street.
Sabrina Fleck, Edinburgh, for Real Radio.

And the winner iiiis...

The world had been waiting for it: Andrew, Emma's husband-to-be, and my humble self during tonight's dinner party came up with the winners in the following categories:

The World's Most Stupid Creature:
No legs: Jellyfish
Two legs: Chicken
Four legs: Cow (although Joy had serious doubts about this one)
More legs: Spider

The World's Most Ugly Creature:
No legs: Polar Shark
Two legs: Chicken
Four legs: this naked kind of cats with no fur whatsoever
More legs: not the spider but somehow in a way it is

Apart from that we had some delicious Beef Pie and homemade mintchocolate icecream with maltesers for dessert and I learned that Emma is terrified of birds (!??).
Good fight
Good night

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Road Trip Part Three

We left Durness early in the morning and made our way back south towards Inverness, where the girls were to leave Rach and me and catch a coach back home to Edinburgh. So this time we didn't go along the coast but right through the heart of the Highlands, along nameless lochs of outstanding beauty and serene remoteness. I was so delighted I stopped the car every once in a while just to take 1)a picture and 2)in the charm of this country. I really felt like my own dad for doing this and I remember how annoyed I was of this habit of his when I was a child. But I guess we're all just getting older. (By the way, looking through the photos, Pav sceptically remarked: "You're quite into landscapes, aren't ya?" Yes, I am, son; just grow a little older and you will be, too.)
Flying along the SINGLE TRACK ROAD!!!, my only worry was the Tanknadel that wouldn't stop racing towards that merciless red square und find ma ne Tanke in the middle of the Highlands. We finally reached something like a town, refuelled the car and sent the girls to the loo. It was after that tragic stop that I hit the curb and damaged our poor beloved noble jeans-coloured steed... dammit, shite, fuckinsakeaaaarrrghhhh!
We reached Inverness in the early afternoon. Inverness, Capital of the Highlands, Nessies own hood and home to the place where we had a rather shabby meal and did some food-shopping (Hob Nobs, Hob Nobs, Hob Nobs!!!!). Actually when we first had been in Inverness on Saturday, we went straight for the afeway (the S had fallen off) but were soon to find out why it looked so huge but really come down; it was closed. When we reached the carpark this time, the afeway had already turned into a feway, but it was good enough to park the car there.
After wishing Tattie and Sietske farewell, Rach and I went up north again, this time along the east coast, which is beautiful but I truly honestly have to say no match for the west coast. But we enjoyed it anyway, took a walk along the beach in Golspie and for the first time on the trip did not spend the whole day driving but went for a hostel in Rogart. The hostel consisted of several train carriages transformed into four sleeping cabins, a kitchen, a dining room (wuhuhuaa, big word) and two bathrooms each. In the compartments, the seats on one side had been removed and replaced by a two storey bed, while on the other side, the original seats had been left as the were. It had a very comfy touch to it, but would probably have been problematic for tall people, as the beds were rather short. We met a nice couple from New Zealand there, who invited us to hop on a plane and come over to their place. Rach is really considering doing it after the FLA year and I envy her, cause it will only be back to plain old Uni again for me once I leave Scotland...
That evening we took a walk and met the locals (the furry ones) and came back in time to see one of the three trains per day pass the Rogart station. That's how I know it must have been about six or half six in the evening when we were back at the hostel ( We then decided to take a little nap and after that spend the rest of the evening chatting with our new friends Jeff(65) and Karen(62); the nap lasted until eight 'o clock... the next morning.
After breakfast (partially sponsored by Jeff who let me have some canned pears), we were on the road again, heading north and reached John O'Groats after again having a walk at a beautiful beach, where the sea was wild and emerald green, in the early afternoon. We drove up to the lighthouse and took a short walk to Duncansby Head, Scotland's north east corner, and had a look at the Duncansby Stacks. It was beautiful and wild and rough and darn windy. We then drove back to the village where I managed to find what must be Scotlands only pay toilet. Me not having coins ready almost led to disaster...
We then looked at wonderful photos (of ships, Whales, Dolphins, Otters, ships, the sea, ships in the sea and amazing ones of the local aurelia borealis(please correct me if the phenomenon is called something else, this word somehow soesn't look right to me)) in the local Gallery. After that we went on to Thurso and booked two beds in a luxurious en suite room in the local hostel.
Leaving our bags there, we saddled our steed again and drove about half an hour to a prehistoric site. We couldn't see much of it, but we knew it was there. From there, we went to see a lovely little chapel in the middle of nowhere, dating from the 12. century. We had to leave the car near a farm and walk for about twenty minutes, guided by our own black and white guide dog to show us the way.
Back at the hostel in Thurso, I realized being tired and havin caught a tick, uaechbaechjak.
We got up at half five the next morning, which should be our last in the Highlands and drove back to Duncansby Head, where you can see the sun rising out of the see. Well, theoretically at least. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to really see much, we were far too early and also it was horribly windy. I had to hold on to a post of some fence in order not to been literally blown away (metaphorically I was of course). We spend half an hour in darkness and storm, amongst the sleeping sheep and with the sea raging about 100 feet below us, coming up once in a while and throwing bits of foam in our faces. At half seven we were back in the car and made our way south, passing Inverness again, driving along Loch Ness and stopping in Fort William for some fish and chips for our remaining five pounds. We couldn't find a space to park our car, as you had to pay everywhere, we were out of money (fish and chips) and the town seemed to consist of traffic wardens, so wham-bam, goodbye Fort William, fuck you very much!
We headed towards Loch Lomond, which Rach was anxious to see, driving through Glen Coe in the first bad weather of the trip. The clouds hung really low in the valley, it was really coming down, everything was grey and spooky and I thought even in the worst of weathers, this place still looks amazing and impressive.
We reached Loch Lomond shortly after, had a short walk, made sure to take a picture and touch the water and then set off home, driving through Glasgow during rush hour (mjejemjee) and reaching the Edinburgh City bypass tired and exhausted about an hour later. Fortunately I took a wrong turn in a roundabout, so we didn't enter E-burgh from the west, which would probably have meant queuing through the whole of Costorphine and straight into the city center, but from the south, which was much less complicated.
After we had taken back the car I don't remember much. I think I slept most of the time, even when I was awake.
But it was an excellent trip, we will definitely do it again, there are many places we want to see again and even more that we still don't know. I want to go to the outer Hebrides, Orkney is right at John O' Groates' doorstep and the single track road along the north coast between Durness and Thurso is calling out for me to discover it. Nine months in this country just is not enough time...

Today's Lesson for Life:

If you're stupid and you know it, alsways make sure to have enough money on you to make up for it. The minimum sum should be two pounds for a bus ride to school and back.
This lesson is for free.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today's Lesson for Life:

This time by Kenny Campbell when talking about Ewan McGregor falling back into scottish accent every once in a while:

You can get the boy out of Scotland, but you can't get Scotland out of the boy.

Gut gebruellt, Loewe.

This is not

an introduction of the best flatmates in the world.
This is just a tribute. (Don't we all love Tenacious D?)
Ladies and Gentleman, I give you:
Li'l known facts on Amit Bhaduri:
1. Had me watch Cricket for two weeks. I eventually ended up switching it on even when he was not around...
2. They call him Sporty Spice. (They being me that is)
3. His two best friends are a Cricket bat and a little rubber ball (although I have to say he has neglected them lately).
4. With his innocent 22 years of age, he is currently writing his dissertation (God, I feel like a failure) and will soon become a doctor, white coat and all...
5. Doesn't know yet that I will force him to bring me a Sari back from India where he will go for Christmas to see his family.
6. Has complained repeatedly about not appropriately being mentioned on this blog (das haste jetz davon, Freundchen);)
7. Number one victim for Rach's "I-used-to-torture-my-pupils-with-these-jokes"-jokes.
8. You can tell his dad is the landlord by the fact that he has the en-suite room (Amit I mean, the father I don't know)

And here comes Pav(el Nikolayevich Marceux):
1. Amit and I named my little Kuehlschrankmagnet-monkey after him, but, shhhh, he doesn't know it yet.
2. When we first met we talked about our countries and the ex DDR and he said "sorry for fucking up your country" and I thought about the war ("don't mention it!") and said "yeah, man, dito". Klare Fronten also.
3. Most of the time he goes to sleep shortly before I get up for work and doesn't get up until quite a while after I've returned.
4. The guy I share my bathroom with.
5. Number two victim for Rach's "I-used-to-torture-my-pupils-with-these-jokes"-jokes.
6. Studies economics'n'history and, like Amit, is about to finish. (God, I AM a failure, I got LOSER written all over my face!)
7. Is also going abroad for Christmas to see his family; Moskow.

In the picture: Amit, Pav and Playsi.

Siggi Freud would have a picnic...!

The other night I had the strangest dream; I dreamt I went on a field trip with Raquel. We took the train on a single track line and finally arrived in some city, where we got off the train and found ourselves at our designated destination, a huge victorian building. I know it was meant to be a bank building and it should have displayed the bank's name on the facade. But instead of "Royal Bank of Scotland" it said in plain and accurate letters: "Watch me not getting a bank account today". Ich schwoer!
Today I got my HSBC card in the mail.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Durness impressions

the village

durness sunrise

durness beach by night

The story continued

After spending the night in the Sligachan bunkhouse (we tried to get in touch with Peter McDonald from the Flora McDonald Hostel, but he didn't answer his phone), we hit the road early in the morning and had a closer look at the island, just taking a small road and following it until it reached the sea. We finally ended up in a place called Elgol, which even has a primary school (one teacher, five pupils I guess) and it really felt like the end of the world (a feeling that was to accompany us throughout the trip). We climbed the rocks at the beach and had lunch there. After that, we retraced our path past mountains, meadows and sheep back again to the bridge to the mainland and made our way up along the beauuuuuuuuutiful west coast. The landscape was so wonderfully breathtakingly extraordinary that it almost almost made me regret having to drive! Driving was fun, too! What a difference to german bumper-to-bumper autobahn and packed city streets! It felt like flying rather then driving, between the mountains, up and down, always sloping and ever so EMPTY THESE ROADS!!! Unfortunately, Tattie is liable to getting car sick, which as you will agree is not the best combintion with me as driver, so I had to pull meself tegither and drive slowly and gently. I failed most of the time, I know, Tattie, I'm sorry for that! I am weak...
As we passed some village, I happend to immediately and professionally scan the surroundings out of the corner of my eye and beheld: five peacocks strolling around in a side street in front of a building site... ? "Wahaaaaahahahaaaa???defuck?"
End of interlude.
The weather was a bliss!! I took this as a personal present from Caledonia herself, who was smiling upon us with splendid sunshine and only a few picturesque clowds...lovely! We reached Kinlochbervie before sunset, hey hey! but couldn't stay in the local bunkhouse as it has been blown away by the last storm, irrgs. So went went another hour up north, it got lonelier and lonelier, much to my delight (single track roads!!juhuuu!!!) and we finally reached nightfall, of course! Now Durness is the main town/village/settlement of the north west region and it is about the size of ... Neumuehl if that means anything to you. We got ourselves four tartan covered beds in the Lazy Crofter hostel and after a little snack took a walk to the beach. (see picture below, the one with the moonlight) It was a-ma-zing! It looked like a part of a very cheesy fifties film, with the moonlight reflecting on the water, the little bay and the dunes. We spend about half an hour speechless there, everybody deep in her own thoughts. What else is there to do in such a place? Again, it felt like the end of the world, with nothing between there and the north pole (exept water, is klar).
Sietzke, Rach and I got up before dawn the next morning to watch the sun rise over Durness bay. What can I say? I'm not an early morning person as Jo will confirm, but this really made up for being upright and walking at six in the morning! I was sitting on a mossy stone that had been put there for me, eingemummelt in my anorak and watched as the light and, with it, the wind were slowly coming up. Wow!!
We then got back to the hostel to check on Tattie who had meanwhile been shopping. She had bought some fruit and chocolate for the driver, mjammjam!
End of part two

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bank of Scotland: Spalter!!!

Anfang dieser Woche bekam ich einen Brief von der Bank of Scotland, bei denen ich jetzt seit sechs Wochen versuche, einen account zu oeffnen. In diesem Brief sagten sie mir, dass sie das immernoch nicht tun koennen, weil eines der Dokumente die ich ihnen schuk nicht datiert war. Es gab zwar die genaue Dauer meines Areitsvertrages, aber der Brief selbst war nicht datiert. Ich ging also gestern leicht gereizt zur B.o.S branch in der Chambers Street und bat sie hoeflich aber bestimmt, sich ins Knie zu ficken und mir meine Unterlagen zurueck zu senden und zwar bisschen pronto. Vorher war ich bei HSBC gewesen und habe nachgefragt, wie lange es wohl bei ihnen dauere, ein Konto zu eroeffnen. Die Dame sagte mir, sie brauche einen Brief von meinem Arbeitgeber (ich hab so einen, aber er ist in Leeds bei BoS) und dann sollte alles ganz schnell gehen. Ich rief also beim Council, meinem geschaetzten Arbeitgeber, an und orderte einen solchen brief. Ich hatte unseren heiss geliebten George Reid am Telefon, der mich nicht nur weiterleitete an eine Nummer, die ein Fax ist, sondern mir auch noch gleich die Krankengeschichten des ganzen Ladens erzaehlte, als Ausrede dafuer, dass er selber nicht mal eben diesen beknackten Brief tippen koenne. Die circa sechste Person mit der ich sprach erklaerte sich dann aber zustaendig und bereit, mir diesen Brief zu schreiben und ihn an der Rezeption zu hinterlegen, so dass ich ihn morgen (also heute) abholen koenne.
Ich verliess das Haus um zehn Uhr. Um viertel nach elf war ich zurueck und stolze Inhaberin eines bank accounts. Die ganze Prozedur dauerte so ne geschaetzte viertel Stunde.
Haette mir auch gleich klar sein sollen, dass ich als supporter von H(ertha)BSC am besten zu HSBC gehe, ich mein das liegt doch auf der Hand, meine Herrschaften! Ausserdem sponsorn die die Formel1. Das klingt doch nach meiner Bank oder what oder whie!
Also: Bank of Scotland: Boooooooooo! - HSBC: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Bald reich,
die Ische

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Das Hilton von aussen

Das Tattie und das Isch.

And what would a brave knight be without his noble steed?

Dieses photo musste es geben. Klar, oder?

Neidischmachbilder vom 2.Tag

der gar nicht der zweite tag war sondern der dritte, das ist nur beim Photos benennen etwas verrutscht. Macht aber nichts. Die Bilder entstanden auf dem Weg von Skye nach Durness. Cape Wrath sollte es sein, daraus wurde aber nichts, weil wir nicht auf die naechste Faehre warten wollten. Wir waren etwas unter Zeitdruck und konnten deshalb nicht bis April warten...
Das auf dem Felsen bin ich ;)

Vic's place

First part of the trip

Weeell, weeell, weeeell, due to Alan from Hertz being a total idiot, our trip started with a five hour delay: time we used for foodshopping and a good breakfast. At two in the afternoon we finally were on our way, enjoying the car that was somewhat bigger then the one we had booked. (so that was the good thing about Alan being an idiot.) We hit the road northwarts, passed the Firth Road Bridge, made our way to Loch Muick and reached the Bothy after nightfall, according to the tradition. The Bothy was already occupied, the nationalities present thus being French, German, Paraguayan, Brazilian, Israelian and one Scot (!!) whom we had met on our way there. After an haute cuisine meal (chicken roasted on the open fire, aluminium foil potatoes with mushrooms and soup in cups), we settled for a rather cold night, as we discovered all our sleeping bags were crap. In the morning, Raquel and Sietzke got up really early to catch the sunrise over Loch Muick (with my camera, as Rach had found out hers cannot swim, not even in the shallow creek by the Bothy); Tattie (as we've come to call Tatjana who doesn't really like to be a potatoe but the rest of us think it is so cuuute) and I decided to sleep in. Nonetheless, we left Loch Muick before ten and took the long way round the southern shore back to the car.
On our way from Aberdeenshire to Skye we had almost been killed in a carcrash as some idiot decided to pass us immidiately before a harsh bend in the road. A second after he had left our sight we heard a crash and when we came round the bend ourselves we saw his car lying on the roof. He was unhurt and crwaling out of the wreck that had been his car. Seconds earlier and he would have hit us. After checking wether he was alright I got back to our car, shaking first with shock and then with anger. I could have kicked him, the fucking bastard. There was no need to pass us in that spot (or indeed at all, I'm not likely to drive people behind me crazy by drivin to slow as you know) and he could have killed not only himself but also us, people on the street, people coming towards him or God knows whom, for there was no way for him to see what was behind the bend. Well, he won't be able to speed with that car anymore. Stupid asshole, serves him right!
After some deep breathing we continued north west and reached the Sligachan bunkhouse on Skye by nightfall.
End of Part One

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm back

Heeeeere we are, born to be Kings!! Yes, the obligatory stop at Eilean Donan. Couln't miss that, could I!? More pics when I washed myself, my clothes, me sleeping bag, me shoos, me backpack and me brain. Cheeriogaehhhn.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Schoen wenn Arbeit Fruechte traegt...

und wie kamma nur ne Ueberschrift mit drei Umlauten schreiben, wenn man gar keine hat! But that's beside the point.
It happened on the school corridor this morning just before third period: I was fighting my way through the crowd to the staffbase when all of a sudden somebody yelled "WAS GEHT" in my face. I turned around to see Natallie (die schreibt man wirklich so) and a fat grin sitting in the middle of her face. As I had only just arrived at school and hadn't spoken at all that day to anybody yet, surprise got the better of me and I could only utter a very weak and questionmakrpregnant "einiges??". But it looks as if these kids were finally learning something sensilble. I got the same impression an sixth period, when my beloved (...not!) Advanced Higher Germans at last showed some signs of life when passionately playing hangman! Who cares for german childcare, forget about that strange woman Angela Merkel, but these guys can guess the word "Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte" anytime!
Did I mention I have a week off next week? This break is more then welcome not only to me. Ian Miller came into the staffbase today muttering "I hate children", Federica looks as if she had been crying all the time and Lorna asked for a strong Gin Tonic for lunchbreak. Anyway, I'm fine. I will be off tomorrow at nine, driving around the countryside, going to Skye, Cape Wrath, Glencoe, Loch Muick (crazy bitch that I am), and lots of other places in this lovely country.
The rain had been heavy for the last couple of days, but this morning the sky had cleared and the sun was shining. Of course, I have to take this as a late welcome present from Caledonia herself. She never let me down, and I knew she wouldn't this time. Weather forecast is full of sun symbols for the weekend. Haaachja. ... I'll send you the pictures.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lesson of the day

Nachdem ich seit montag (erfolgreich will ich sagen) dabei bin, den Kiddos das traditionelle altdeutsche Grusswort "Was geht?" beizubringen, natuerlich mit adequater Antwort ("einiges!!"), lehrte ich den Higher German Maedels heute diese Lektion. Weil es wichtig ist. Weil es mir nahegelegt wurde, dies zu tun. Und weil ich nur fuenf Minuten mit den Maedels hatte, da hats halt net mehr fuer ebs gscheites g'langt...

Craigmount High

Mein zweites Zuhause... Ich hab sogar ein Fach mit meinem Namen drauf.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Das war naemlich mein Ausblick... jetz wohn ich hinten raus. Damn.
Das da hinten is uebrigens das Meer, bitteschoen.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Klappe die zweite

Dinge, die ich heute fand auf meinem Weg nach Silverknowes:

1. eine lebige Muschel (warf sie in den Firth)
2. einen Golfball (took it home)
3. eine Spuelwurmkackhaufenstadt
4. that, suit or no, drunkards in the bus, trying to sit in your lap, SUCK BIG TIME.

Things I found today on my way to Silverknowes:

1. a living mussel (threw it in the firth)
2. a golfball (mit nach Hause genommen)
3. a dishwashingwormshitheaptown (when it comes to translating seacreature names, I'm really useless)
4. dass, Anzug hin oder her, Besoffene im Bus, die versuchen sich auf einen drauf zu setzen, scheisse sind.

Today's Lesson for Life:

If, on a night out and on the way from one bar to the other, you are asked by two arbitrary strangers who are about as drunk as you, wether they could have some of your freshly purchased Chips'n'Cheese, give them a smile and let them have some! Take the opportunity to make some people really happy and at the same time to get rid of some of this horrible deep fried stuff that you shouldn't have eaten in the middle of the night in the first place.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One of those days

Yesterday I met Corinna, my pre-predecessor of the room I live in. She studies in Freiburg and originally comes from Konschtanz (ja, richtig gelesen), also schonma gewonnen. She brought along Britta from Cuxhaven and the three of us bagan to establish good German traditions and culture...Vodka Ahoibrause galore!! The Li'l Ones (as I have come to call my anglo-russian/anglo-indian flatmates) were quite delighted and surprised by the strange bubbly warm feeling in their mouths, guts and, eventually, in their heads. I caught the event on camera... I myself refrained from drinking Ahoivodka, as "tomorrow is a school day". Actually I intended to go to bed once the others were on their way to the pub, but NOOOO, falsch gedacht. They literally dragged me along to the Bannerman's in Cowgate and I, despite the ever gnagging thought of having to teach kids at eight thirty in the morning, had a hell of a good time and was in bed about two this morning. ... ... Oh, boy, was I in trouble when the merciless alarmclock went off at half six! I finally managed to get out of bed and out of the house without forgetting anything important such as my notes or my trousers. Amit had promised to fix me breakfast...Hahahaha...yeah, men, wha'eva.
At the bus stop I met my bus stop enemy. He usually stands there at about the same time as me when I have to teach in first period. ... I hate him. He alsways smokes one fag after the other, sucking them as if he wanted to inhale a whole chicken farm through them, his mouth looking like a beak and the smoke always blowing...of my direction. This scenery creates a whole little aggression steam train in my throat so that I feel like bying spiky boots and kicking his arse like real hard!
I was late for my first class, (because I had to make one million gazillion photocopies beforehand) sounding like a drunkard, feeling like a drunkard and, yes, methinks also smelling like one. One of the first human sounds today was fourth year's Greg saying "Hahaaa, you have a hangover", which by the way I had not, thangyouberymudch, "I once had one, too." The boy has just turned fifteen. Oh boy!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Day X

Ok, I know, sooner or later it just had to happen, I just thought I'd last more then four weeks. Today this one Kid, Kyle, refused to copy a couple of words I had written down on my own personal flipchart and after I had asked him for about the fourth time to do it, I suddenly heard myself going: "I told you to copy these, what the FUCK is so difficult about that?" That might not be all that shocking to us, but you have to keep in mind that I now live in a country where you can't even say "bloody" without people leaving the room and 45year old classroom assistant Sheron getting a beamer!
So Kyle was in heller Aufregung, called me terrific and threatened to tell Isobel McArthur I swore in class. I said I would tell her that he had made me swear so he would going to be the one in trouble. He did eventually give me away but apparently I was right in my assumption as Isobel didn't mention it. And in case you wonder: yes, I do still have my job. Ask again next week...

Sunday, October 02, 2005