Sunday, November 29, 2009

Potty time on the construction site

Life seems to be full of construction work. A fact that is being illustrated to me every morning from seven o'clock onwards, when the digger in front of my house starts its noisy work and when, upon quitting the field and seeking refuge in the living room of my new beloved palace, I find myself face to face with the mini (but not less noisy) specimen of the same breed doing some earth moving works in the back yard. Argh! and ... ARGH!
But its not really the noisy construction work outside that is most annoying (although, admittedly, annoying it IS!), but the never ending ones inside my fucked up little brain.
Well, the good thing about construction work is that there will be a day, far off as it may appear at seven in the mornning after two months of free wake up calls, when the work will be done and there will be most blissfull slumber and tranquility. That goes for outside as well as for inside roadworks;

A few weeks ago, when Germany was celebrating its reunification, I was having my personal 9th November that same weekend. I met a friend whom I had fallen out with and subsequently not spoken a word to (at least not a civil one) in almost two years. A situation that, despite my attempts to convince my mind to just let go, kept nagging me all that time, as my mind don't let anyone tell it what to do. So every other day, my inner diggers and jackhammers would start their work and just not leave me the fuck alone.
And then I met that same friend for tea and we ... well ... got a grip, so to speak. It seemed so easy and obvious and now the jackhammers in the backyard of my mind have fallen silent.

And then last weekend I met an ex-boyfriend of mine. I hadn't seen or talked to him in well over a year and the last time we spoke was somehow unpleasant. Still I was kind of disappointed to just to just cut him out. And then I met him incidentally. Weird. He said hello and shook my hand. Weird! And after five minutes of being in the same room with him, realisation KISSED me that there wasn't anything in my life that I felt inclined to tell him and that of all the things he talked about, none really interested me. Don't get me wrong, there were no hard feelings whatsoever, I just found him a bit boring and dull company and all my feelings of being unhappy with not having him on my mailing list any more just dissolved into pure air. I felt relaxed. It was like, pardon my french, having suffered from constipation for one and a half years and then finally placing a really nice big Kackwurst into the loo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, freedoooooooom! Relaxation! Peace of mind and bowels! Now for the figurative pipe of Longbottom Leaf and a nice fire in the fireplace! And to quote the Guru of my teenage years and saviour of all mankind Freddie Mercury: Ooooooooooooooooohhhh, its Bliss!

Now the only thing that's left is the monster digger outside my bedroom window. But you know what; last time I checked, they were repaving the sidewalk and getting ready to pack up.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Getting fishyer and fishyer

The evolution of the Fischkopp .... some recent snapshots from my palace. Chronologically.

We're gonna need a bigger ... fishtank.