Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We cherish thee, your Chiliness!

No, not talking about the weather, this is much more profound.

D'you know who's taking over the world? Anthony "Scar Tissue" Kiedis. He's present everywhere these days. Not physically, alas, yet omnipresent in junk TV.
Through meticulous empiric research I found out that there's a Chili Peppers song used as musical background in German crap TV AT LEAST once every ... oh, all the time. Coincidence? I think not!

There must be some kind of plan behind this. Some elaborately set up conspiracy to take over the world which I haven't managed to figure out the details of yet. Cause that's the thing really, isn't it, with elaborate conspiracies aiming at world power: you only see through them when it's too late, when the child has fallen into the well, a saying which sounds even more stupider in English than it does in German.

So, you innocently ignorant people out there: prepare yourself for a rule of chaos and mayhem. I'm reading this guy's biography at the moment and I've got a sneaky feeling this is going to be epic!
(Taking every available and unavailable drug there is, jumping off rooftops into swimming pools - and missing!, wearing socks in unusual places and consuming large quantities of unpaid-for alcoholic beverages only being some of the notions that come to mind for our future world-constitution!)
And also prepare for the counterfeit on coins around the world to look somewhat like this:

All in all, I think the world could be far worse off than having this guy as a king. So,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the mood for

19 days to go and my mind is filled with megabus easyjet standard fare national express outbound date of travel blue hostel guide central station NORTHBOUND single or return once more. I spend much more time then I should looking up train connections, bus schedules and all kinds of fares, because planning well is almost being there already! Climax of the day is buying SOCKS (hiking socks, obviously).
So if you catch me muttering something like "15 and a half days to go, hihihihi", at least you now what the heck I'm on about.
I'm loving this!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Explanatory note for all those interested: (yeah, that's you, Keith!)

the P/Q formula

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

learn something new every day - reloaded

... aka: learn something old every now and then.

Today I did both, learning new things AND old things.
The new thing I learned today is that the Vietnamese-French pidgin, the Tay B'oi, doesn't use articles. A piece of linguistic wisdom which is expected to have, let's say, minor impact on my future life.

The old thing I learned today was to solve equations with two unknowns. I should have learned how to do that in tenth grade, and I tried, I really did. But the much hoped-for enlightenment just wouldn't come. Until today.

While my frech students were busy with a complicated task I gave them, I was reading the script of the MSA maths exam that was lying around on the table. (Apparently, somebody uses my favourite classroom to teach maths!) I was able to solve the first two tasks (yahoo, just as in my maths abitur!), but I got stuck with the third one, an equation with two unknowns. I got halfway through, but for dear life just couldn't remeber how to get rid of the scond "x". Needless to say, that circumstance drove me nuts. So I asked my collegue (one of those who apparently teach maths in my favourite classroom) and he told me "Piece of cake! You only have to use the p/q formula!"
Right! The p/q formula! Silly old me, why hadn't I thought of that myself??
He then noted down the p/q formula for me and I was succeeded easily to solve the task.

I think I could understand maths now. A circumstance which could have had a MAJOR impact on my future life had it occured 15 years ago.
So, about this maths Abitur thing ... could I do it again maybe?
Had I had a better understanding of maths back then, I would have had much better marks. Which means I would have been much more confident in my mathematical abilities. Which means I wouldn't have let my disbelieve in myself stand in the way of me applying for pilote training. Which means I might have become a pilote. Which means I would earn lots of money now, see a lot of the world (especially from above), have a fancy apartment and never even worry about such things as Tay B'oi.

But then again, I probably wouldn't know all of you guys, so screw that!