Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a shock in the afternoon: looking for my aulde Scotland pictures in Flickr (which I hadn't done in a loooong while) I recently had to find out that they were gone! Account expired, pictures nowhere to be found. Every single picture I took during my year in Edinbrgh. Highland trip '05: gone! FLA nights at The Standing Order: gone! Exploring the surroundings with Lady Rach: gone! Visit to Stirling ... Arthur's Seat in the sun ... Halloween in Belfast ... Weekend on Iona ... hanging out at the Lady's place ... Bonfire Night Extravaganza ... gone! gone! gone! What a nightmare.

These people cannot seriously expect me to rely on my memory exclusively to bring back the glory days once in a while. I took these myriads of pictures so that I don't HAVE to remember every tiny detail all by myself. Or rather I took them in order to relish my occasional fits and retire with those pictures, a nice steaming cuppa and a fistful of siiiiighs. I need this! I want my frickin' pictures, they're MINE, I wan'em, I wan'em, I wan'em!!!!!!!

Good thing is: I got them back eventually. All of them, in all their glory. All I had to do was pay those fathermucking somebitch Flickr SCUNNERS! 25 US bucks. Basssterrrrrrds!

But what are 18 Eurodollars compared to these specimen of canned picturesqueness??:

(In no particular order whatsoever...)

The sea surrounding Lewis and Harris:

Snow on the Salisbury Crags:

The early morning Skye:

Winterly Castlehill:

Royal Terrace at its gloomyiest:

Quatsch mit So├če und Steffen:

First encounter with Loch Ness:

Kyle of Durness:

Castle awaiting the Edinburgh Tattoo:

Fiery Sky over the Auld Reeky:


Where's me cuppa?

Now off to work with a fresh boost of visual motivation.

Elvis has left the building.